Description of the Dual modality

In the Dual modality of the FEPTS primary education degree, students combine, from the beginning, two training scenarios: a Primary Education School and the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work. The student is an apprentice in the professional environment where the profession is exercised so that he is trained and prepared with direct contact with the student and the teachers of the educational center.

Advantages of studying Dual

  • Combine theory and practice from the beginning of studies.
  • To promote the integration of the learnings carried out in the two training scenarios.
  • To improve the professional preparation in the necessary competences to exercise teacher/a.
  • Check if the chosen profession and training is the most suitable for the person.
  • To promote job access in completing training.
  • Acquisition of one of the mentions offered by the degree (Music Education, Physical Education, English, STEM and Special Educational Needs and Education for Diversity) and/or being a generalist teacher.

Student commitments

  • Integration into school life from the beginning of studies, adopting the dual role of student and apprentice.
  • To get involved in the relationship between the theory and practice of schools and the integration subject that is carried out each year.