Description of the Bilingual modality

In the bilingual modality of the FEPTS Degree of primary education, students will be able, on the one hand, to profoundly learn and teach the English language, and on the other, prepare to teach any area of the curriculum in English in their future as teachers, as required in many primary schools today.

Advantages of studying Bilingual

  • Realization of an integrated learning of the English language in different subjects.
  • Acquisition of the entry in English.
  • To improve the professional preparation in the necessary competences to exercise teacher/a.
  • Check if the chosen profession and training is the most suitable for the person.
  • To promote job access in completing training.

Student commitments

  • The internationalization of studies is a very important aspect of the Bilingual Plan, since it guarantees a period of immersion in another country where the student has to use the English language as a vehicle language, both outside and within the academic environment. The Faculty recommends students of this plan to spend a semester or annual stay in one of the university centers with which the Faculty has an agreement, within the Erasmus and Mobility Programs of the UdL. In addition, the Bilingual Plan involves the completion of the 3rd year internship abroad, a mandatory stay that may also be managed as Erasmus-Studies or within the Mobility Plan, and for which students may apply for different complementary grants.
  • Students of the Bilingual modality must take the Mention in English for fourth year. More information in the degree curriculum:
  • The student can also make a second mention with a request to the Vice-Chancellor responsible for undergraduate studies, who has to solve it with a previous report of the/the head of studies of the center. The second mention must be taken before the end of the degree in Primary Education.

Credits in English


1st academic year
100862 Developmental psychology 1st period 6 ECTS
100866 Sociology of education 1st period 6 ECTS
100855 Promotion of socio-linguistic competence 1st period 6 ECTS
100877 Numbering, calculation and measurement 1st period 1,8 of 6 ECTS
100863 Psychology of education 2nd period 6 ECTS
100867 Family and school 2nd period 3 ECTS


2nd academic year
100879 Introduction to the English language and its didactics 1st period 6 ECTS
100872 Tutorial action in primary education 1st period 6 ECTS
100871 Educational processes and contexts 2nd period 6 ECTS
100883 Visual arts 2nd period 4,2 of 6 ECTS
100987 Internship I (generalist) 2nd period 6 ECTS


3rd academic year
100988 Learning Experimental Sciences 1st period 1,8 de 6 ECTS
100882 Integrated projects in English 1st period 3 ECTS
100884 Visual arts didactics 1st period 2,1 of 3 ECTS
100889 Internship II 1st period 14 ECTS
100874 Learning Experimental Sciences II 2nd period 6 ECTS
100875 Didactics of Social Sciences 2nd period 3 of 6 ECTS


4th academic year
100897 English language and culture for the Primary Education classroom 1st period 6 ECTS
100898 Didactics and curriculum design of the English language 1st period 6 ECTS
100899 Integrated Language and Content Learning (CLIL) of Primary Education 1st period 6 ECTS
100970 Children’s literature in English for the Primary Education classroom 1st period 6 ECTS
100971 Digital creativity in English language learning 1st period 6 ECTS
100890 Internship III 2nd period 24 ECTS
100891 Final work of degree 2nd period 6 ECTS