Bilingual curriculum


Daniel Gutiérrez
Attending hours: Monday from 10am to 1pm

What is Bilingual Plan?

In general lines, Bilingual Plan reverberates around the areas within the official curriculum combined with specific subjects within the field of psychopedagogy in order to develop the general teaching competences needed to become a Primary Education teacher.

This speciality is based on a progressive and intensified teaching of the English language as well as its didactics. Thus, the Bilingual Plan within the Degree in Primary Education offers students the opportunity to deepen in the learning and teaching of the English language as well as preparing them to teach any of the areas of the curriculum in English as an increasing demand in Primary Education schools nowadays.


The Bilingual Plan in the Degree in Primary Education is structured within the syllabus of the degree which is divided in 4 academic years and a total of 240 ECTS credits.

The syllabus presents a progressive introduction into the English language with two levels of intensity:
  1. First and Second years: In these two years students are offered subjects partially taught in English. With this gradual introduction, students get familiar with the vocabulary and kind of discourse specific within each field as well as improving their English language skills, specially the receptive ones.
  2. Third and Fourth years: In the second part of the degree, students are offered specific subjects in English. Practicum and the Final Degree Assignment are also included within these credits.
Moreover, the Bilingual Plan includes all the selective subjects in English that are part of the specialisation in Foreign language which are offered in fourth year.

English ECTS 2023-24

1st academic year
100862 Developmental Psychology 1st semester 6 ECTS
100866 Sociology of education 1st semester 6 ECTS
100855 Fostering sociolinguistic competence 1st semester 6 ECTS
100877 Numbering, calculation and measurement 1st semester 1,8 out of 6 ECTS
100863 Educational psychology 2nd semester 6 ECTS
100867 Family and the school 2nd semester 3 ECTS


2nd academic year
100986 Space and form 1st semester 1,8 out of 6 ECTS
100879 Introduction to English language and teaching English 1st semester 6 ECTS
100872 Tutorial action in Primary Education 1st semester 6 ECTS
100883 Visual arts 2nd semester 4,2 out of 6 ECTS
100871 Educational processes and contexts 2nd semester 6 ECTS
100987 School placement I 2nd semester 6 ECTS


3rd academic year
100988 Learning of Experimental Sciences I 1st semester 1,8 out of 6 ECTS
100882 Integrated projects in English Language 1st semester 3 ECTS
100884 Didactics of Visual arts 1st semester 2,1 out of 3 ECTS
100889 School placement II 1st semester 14 ECTS
100874 Learning of Experimental Sciences II 2nd semester 6 ECTS
100875 Didactics of Social Sciences 2nd semester 3 out of 6 ECTS


4th academic year
100897 English language and culture for the Primary Education classroom 1st semester 6 ECTS
100898 Didactics and curricular design of the English language 1st semester 6 ECTS
100899 Language and Content Integrated Learning (CLIL) in the Primary Education 1st semester 6 ECTS
100970 Children's literature in English for the Primary Education classroom 1st semester 6 ECTS
100971 Digital creativity in learning the English language 1st semester 6 ECTS
100890 School placement III 2nd semester 24 ECTS
100891 Final dissertation 2nd semester 6 ECTS


The internalisation of the studies is a very important aspect of the Bilingual Plan since it guarantees a period of immersion in foreign country where the student will have to use the English language in order to communicate. The Faculty advises students from this plan to do either a semester or a year in one of the universities with which the Faculty has contracts, within the Erasmus Programme as well as the Mobility Programme within UdL. Moreover, the Bilingual Plan implies the completing of the third year Practicum in a foreign country as an obligatory requirement within the Bilingual Plan.

Minor in English

  • Selective subjects:

1. Language and Culture in English in the Primary Education Classroom (6 ECTS)
2. Curricular didactics and design in Primary Education (6 ECTS)
3. Content and Language Integrated Learning in Primary Education (6 ECTS)
4. Children's Literature in English in the Primary Education Classroom (6 ECTS)
5. Digital Creativity in the English language classroom (6 ECTS)

  • School placement III (24 ECTS)
  • Final dissertation (6 ECTS)

Assistance to students in the Bilingual Plan

  • Students that are interested in being part of the Bilingual Plan will count on a person who will give them information and advise over the enrolment days.
  • These students will have the possibility of participating in the courses organised by the Faculty in the Summer University for the promotion of the English language.
  • Through collaborative agreements established with the Linguistic Service at UdL, students within the Bilingual Plan will also be offered courses which will be compatible with their timetable.
  • Finally, students within the Bilingual Plan will have the support of the tutors from Pla Nèstor over the four years of the Degree. The tutors will be Professors within the same degree.